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Google is the foremost search engine in the world. It is so important that many consider it the gateway to the internet. Unfortunately, Google uses its dominant position to determine what we (and its workers) can see, say, do or publish.

Before we go into the details, we need to understand that Google is not always acting on its own. Sometimes, it is just another puppet on the strings of a more powerful group we call the government.

It blacklisted inoffensive instant search results

Until a few years ago,Top 10 Ways Google Is Censoring Free Speech 2/2 Articles Google had an instant search feature where it showed you real-time search results as you entered your search term into the search bar. Users soon noticed the feature stopped working when they typed certain words. They later discovered the feature tripped off because Google had censored those words.While many of the words were vulgar, some were innocuous with no sexual undertone. This includes words like Latina, ectasy, amateur, ball kicking, Asian babe, fantasies, fetal, girl on, incest, licked, lovers, mature, submissive, teen and Google is evil.[9]A spokesperson said the search giant had a problem with its algorithm. The algorithm censored a word if previous users used it as part of a sexual term. However, this affected searchers seeking nonsexual results. The spokesperson said Google was working on removing inoffensive words from its list of censored words.[

It banned employees from discussing politics at work

Google has mailing lists and forums where employees debate, share information or just discuss random topics of interest. Everyone could discuss anything on the forums and mailing lists until 2019, when executives banned political discussions.Executives also forbade employees from making statements that “insulted, demeaned or humiliated” other employees or the company’s business partners. The meaning of “business partner” is vague. However, judging by Google’s recent antics (including the firing of two conservative programmers), your guess is as good as mine.[

It blacklisted an entire subdomain

Google censors any website it suspects of spamming its users. However, it once took things to the extreme when it blocked every website under the subdomain.The subdomain had over 11 million websites, making it one of the largest domains in the world. It belonged to a South Korean company that allowed users create free websites and up to 15,000 websites for just $1,000.Google said it blocked the subdomain for hosting many spam websites. While that sounds reasonable, it does not change the fact that Google had taken things too far. That subdomain contained many legitimate websites.

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